I feel like I have made a good start! As of yesterday afternoon I have run about 16 km for $265 pledged. I am more than 6% done. This endeavour is not going to be a problem at all. In fact, I am so recklessly overconfident that I am awarding myself a break until Sunday. Also, my legs hurt. Apparently running for the bus occasionally did not constitute training for my training.

I have added an accounting page to make it easier to figure out whose kilometres I am working on. I am presently nearly halfway through those imposed on me by Ni4ky. I notice his brother James B is also sending me off to pound the pavement. His strategic choice of 21 km made me smile. I may even make it a 21.1 km run to satisfy the spirit of his pledge. I think by the time I am that far down the list I might be able to do it all in one shot. We’ll see.

Yesterday Icebreaker opened a new store in Kitsilano. They had a 50% off sale where they served beer. I had “more than one.” I bought some new undies and then went for a run. Merino undies and beer: I don’t think the world knows a more powerful placebo. Last time I had new merino undies I went swimming in them down at wreck beach.

I wonder if Arwen’s Apparel might start a mens-line with their bamboo or ChitoSanté fabric? That would make for some gnarly running pants!

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2 Responses to Accounting

  1. arwen says:

    I think you should have new shoes soon…. May I have the pleasure of sponsering you for two new shoes?

  2. Kassandra says:

    I’m sure that the undies are very comfy for you, but I’m allergic to wool and so wool undies sounds awful XD

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