blue dawn

In retrospect, the enormous support for the conservatives might have been obvious to anyone who took a good look at Vancouver. Several nights per week an astounding number of political activists put on their conservative blues and go out on the town from about 6 to 10 pm. Some nights they shout and cheer and hoot and holler well past my bed time. These rowdies are easy to identify as they all wear blue shirts complete with the name of our city, a stylised “C”, and an artistically rendered orca fish (no doubt intended to symbolise the unwavering support the conservatives show for our native peoples). Some of them even have the names of their favourite MP emblazoned on the back.

I heard they are going for the cup...a rowdy Vancouver conservative

I searched my ballot for the logo but couldn’t find it so, after several seconds of stunned confusion, I voted for the candidate I felt was least likely to sink me if I were sailing (hint: not the pirate party).

my logo-less ballot

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  1. Kristina says:

    This made me laugh a lot.

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