The ultimate caveat

Sometimes it feels like a seemingly endless commitment to running leaves little room for other activities that are physically demanding. For instance, I have discovered that if, in addition to all the running, I ride my bike to UBC on a regular basis (~13 km each way) then I begin to lose weight and can’t eat enough food. I think cycling and swimming would each be good cross training activities but I am not convinced I can take them seriously while still pumping out the kms.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my bicycle (named Cadenza). I use it for most everything once I get home from UBC (the commute is done by bus). I have scolded myself for not including a caveat whereby I only run up to 20 km per person and then bicycle the rest or something.


On the other hand, such a caveat would really detract from the gnarliness of being completely committed to running an amount entirely determined by others. (The most fun though has been executing odd-ball requests.)

All that being said, I have chosen to count any and all running I do. That means I will be recording my travels as I dart this way and that while playing ultimate each Wednesday evening. We are a bottom division team named Local Pint. I think the distance I run during the games should actually be counted double or triple because I am generally operating at less than “peak efficiency” in my quest to ensure the cooler is empty before the ice melts. Reluctantly, I will count the distance only once.

4.3 km, yay.

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