Running for Meggles!

Today I ran for Meggles. Having done the spartan race yesterday I was pretty sore this morning. Mostly my shoulders. Alice had similar pains and we figure it might be from hauling the buckets of rocks. Also we both still had wet shoes from yesterday. Nevertheless, Alice had organised a R2EP group training run so there we were at Jericho Beach ready to run at 9 am.

When Meggles originally made a donation, she made it clear that it was a set of kilometres intended to be somewhat relaxing – a break of sorts. This was before I had the “take a break” campaign in parallel with this running one. Usually I try pretty hard to live up to the spirit of a request made by someone contributing funds. In this case I landed pretty far from the mark. I was sore (and a bit hung over) – but I WAS keen to do some running for Meggles! She frequently welcomes me into her home. I have slept on her couch more times than one might count. She is a fabulous artist and runs a film production company, Chickadee Productions.

This is Brocoli the dog. He is a conservative who lives with Meggles.

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