spartan race

Today was the Spartan Race in North Vancouver.

It was a five km course with “obstacles”. The first was a jump over fire. Next the course diverted out into the nearby river. Shortly after that I came to a bridge where I was handed a balloon. It had to be inflated by the top of the next hill in order to proceed. Before completely crossing back over the bridge I had to haul up and then lower back down a cinder block that was suspended by a rope. Then, after a bit more running I had to carry two buckets of rocks up and then down a hill. Next up was a balance beam that zigzagged for about 20 m. Around a few more corners, up and down a couple of hills, and I came to a wall. Up and over! A downhill sprint led me to another cinder block – this one I had to drag a distance and then back. After running back up the hill, the course became a mud pit with barbed wire about 50 cm above the ground. After crawling through mud (and horse shit I’d wager), I scurried to the spear toss and then onto the wall traverse. The final challenge was getting past two burly thugs, one of whom had a massive staff with foam ends for walloping the competitors.

It was rather fun.

I had the pleasure of racing along side Ryan and Alice.

Carly and Tam came down from Kamloops for it too!

Photos forthcoming!

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  1. tess says:

    I like the category you posted this one in!

    I think all the posts in “overconfidence” could also be put in a new category: “gnarballs”.

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