falling down

It has been a run-less week for me. I stumbled playing ultimate last Wednesday and landed quite firmly on my left knee. I was unable to move quickly on it for several days but it was feeling rather better by Sunday. On Monday I took a ~1.5 m fall rock climbing and my feet hit a ledge just before the rope came tight. I now have bruises on both of my heels. Two days on, the right is feeling pretty good but the left is still rather tender. I can still walk short distances with ease. After more than about two kilometres the feet want a rest, further if I try to stay on the balls of my feet. Running still seems unwise. Fortunately pedalling on my bicycle emphasises the use of the mid-foot so I am still mobile! I am also still able to nimbly prance about as this does not require the use of heels.

I declare that I will be running again by the weekend, even if I end up prancing away the kilometres.

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