garden of eatin’

Today was a beautiful day in Vancouver. I wasn’t brave enough to run on these heels but I did do lots of biking!

I awoke at Meggles’ home as often happens on a Saturday. I ate some leftover pasta for first breakfast and then biked home. I assembled a few things and then rode the ~20 km out to deep cove. I had a lovely second breakfast, “the coveman” (eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast, yum), down by the water and then sat in the sun reading a book for about an hour. I napped on a park bench somewhere in there too.

I threw on my hiking boots and plodded along the tail end of the Baden Powell Trail out to Jeff Rock. I discovered that someone has set two sport climbs at the cliffs. I clambered around to the bottom to assess them. I think they would require several warm sunny days to be climbable: lots of sludgy lichen.

On my bike ride back home I stopped in at a lovely shop I had spotted (closed) during my morning ride. It was now open. It was delightfully named the “Garden of Eatin'”. The kind proprietor shared blueberries, peas, and apricots with me. I bought a strawberry-rhubarb pie and strapped it to the back of my bicycle.

I rode out to Jericho beach for a BBQ and pie. I think this satisfies the request put to me by Tom. Now I am headed out to New Westminster for another BBQ. I am loving these summery days.

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1 Response to garden of eatin’

  1. Tom Curran says:

    This certainly satifies my request, as well as my attempt to vicariously enjoy biking and the foods of summer in Vancouver. Great job.

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