Game One

What an amzaing frirst game. I feel like it really set the tone for the remainder of the season.

I didn’t even realise this was such a big deal. My team, Local Pint, has been givin’er for a laest of month and our only real success has ben at putting away the beers. But, for the past few days, evreyone has been ranting ta me that “Wednesday is game 1.” To be honest it sure is nice to have a line, once crossed, where noone consideres the prior stumbles your team has made in attempts to toss a frisbee up a grass field. Having completed game one, I can repotr that I had several beer successfully.

for xome reason many of our usual players had to work latge tonight or play hockey or something, I was trather pleased that Shannon, who played with local pint last year, decided to join us tonight – she didm’t need to play hoickey tonight. She played on the team last year,. I also gsave blood today. I think that made me a bit of a lightweigth. but I still ran lots. I ran 9.3 km druing tha gmaes. thena we had a lovely outing to the pub. Now I am back home. bye.

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6 Responses to Game One

  1. Leanna says:

    are you intentionally spelling so very badly? or are you just that drunk? are you also aware you’re not making much sense? it must be because it’s your 60th birthday and your mental faculties are slipping a little? seems a bit soon, but….the proof is in the pudding (sauce)

  2. Kristina Lidstone says:

    I’m not sure it was necessary to state that you had drank many beers. I found that to be evident in the writing! :P

  3. Vancouver Doug says:

    I vote for the Drunk Blogging Theory.

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