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It seems that, lately, anytime I go on a bike ride longer than about 15 minutes I go through pretty much the same emotional highs that then get deconstructed through rationalization. It basically goes like this. That person I just … Continue reading

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Cray cray

This is what it looks like to go down the docks at night with the peeps.

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Urban harvest

As summer enters full bloom it has become apparent that this home is surrounded by beautiful and nourishing items.

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got crabs?

Our booty harvest was ample: 14.   They were upset and began tearing each other’s pinchers off. This made them net-easier to handle. Shannon is a masterful fisherwoman. Wait, crabs are fish, right? They have gills. She can hunt the … Continue reading

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A beautiful ocean view

Yesterday we dropped a crab trap. Today we will retrieve it. Thursday is a joint birthday party for Becca and me.  If Shannon catches any crabs maybe we will eat those too, but I expect they won’t last that until … Continue reading

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Game One

What an amzaing frirst game. I feel like it really set the tone for the remainder of the season. I didn’t even realise this was such a big deal. My team, Local Pint, has been givin’er for a laest of … Continue reading

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