Electroshock therapy

The treatment program for my knee continues. It is getting better and I have been given the “green light” to run on Sunday. I was essentially asked to remove my ego from the equation and encouraged to walk if the pain gets bad. One of the “techniques” being used to speed my healing involves the placement of electrodes on my knee and juicing it with electricity.

This is not the first time I have been willingly electrocuted. A few years ago I threw my back out of Zen and went to a fantastic Doctor/acupuncturist who hooked the needles up to AC. My current physiotherapist employs the two separately.

There was also a time when I was paid to be electrocuted. Two summers ago (just before grad school) I was homeless and unemployed. During this time I was recruited by one of the behavioural research labs at UBC.  They strapped me to a chair and pointed a big ray-gun at my head. It was tuned to zap my brain with a precise jolt that made my hand twitch. Then they would test my ability to play a shitty version of pong. Eventually I would leave with some money for veggies and beer to consume on the beach before sleeping behind an ocean view hedge in point grey. Those were the days…

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