4484 for the win!

The run to end poverty is tomorrow morning. Those of us doing the 21 km race start at 7 am and run from UBC to Stanley Park. (The 5 km runners start there at 9:30 am.) I feel good. I am ready to do this thing. Watch for bib number 4484 to cross that finish line without internal bleeding this time.

As a group, the 126 Vancouver runners have raised nearly $18 000 for the Engineers Without Borders water and sanitation work being done in Malawi. And we have a chance to win another $5000 from Scotiabank. They will be awarding a prize to the charity with the biggest team in the race. There is quite a spread in the amounts that runners have raised and, in order to count as a “team member” for the purposes of the prize, a runner must have raised at least $50.

This is where you can help! I’m sure you were just waiting for an opportunity to show me some support. Now is your chance – by supporting one of our other runners! Choose anyone who has raised less than $50 and donate a few dollars to their campaign! $5 or $10 donations can add up really quickly!

Here are some good examples! Lets top these people up to $50!

Sara Pour <- One of the coolest people I know! (Now at $50)
Sandeep Sahota is at $25 – Half way there!
Dane van Heerden only needs $10 more!
Omid Hamed <- Also committed to running 1 km per $1
Sarah Mair is also at $25
Hanae Narita is at $30, lets bring her to $50!
Harish Raisinghani – First half marathon, let’s make it count!
Monica Jaramillo is almost at $50

Click on a name above to be taken to their respective donation page. Here is the full list. Choose someone at less than $50 and help bring them up to that level so we can win the additional $5000 from Soctiabank!

[Addendum at 8:30 pm]

Wow. That entire list I posted has now been brought up to $50!

I just got back from a pre-race carb loading dinner with my fellow runners. We are all pumped for the big day tomorrow.

If people are still arriving at this page and would like to support what we are doing here is where to go. Choose someone with a fundraising total under $50 and add your dollars to their total!

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8 Responses to 4484 for the win!

  1. kaan says:

    Big thanks to my step-sister-in-law Kas for pushing Monica over the $50 mark!

  2. kaan says:

    Another thank you: this one to the anonymous donor who brought Dane up to $50 !

  3. Leanna says:

    i just saw this…I didn’t know anything about this before! I would’ve referred people to this sooner. Ok, I will pass this on now. Thanks for the heads up, and good luck Sir 4484. I know you will do smashingly. Be kind to thy knee!

  4. kaan says:

    An anonymous donor put $25 on Harish bringing him to $35! Who will make up the last $15?

  5. kaan says:

    Mike you rock for so many reasons. The latest reason is you put Sarah Mair up to the fifty line! Thanks buddy!

  6. kaan says:

    A note via e-mail from Steven:

    “I topped up your cool friend Sara Pour”

    She is now at $50 too! Thanks Steven!

  7. kaan says:

    Chuck has now taken care of Omid! Wow. Thanks for the support everyone!

  8. kaan says:

    A slurry of anonymous donations has brought several more people up to the $50 level. I am so happy to see this support. Whoever you are, an enourmous thank you!

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