Unexpected adventure!

Friday night I rolled out of van with Alice, Phil, and Zoe! We trekked out to Kamloops. Along the way we made two friends: a pair of climbers from Quebec! We got their attention by holding up a sign that read “we are not wearing pants” as we drove by. They joined us for a drink at the pub upon arrival in Kamloops. Also joining us there was Tess and her initial attack fire crewmates Stephen and Brock, my bro, my mum, and two more friends Jenna and Nico. It was a solid crew. The evening involved testing out the restworthiness of several hedges.

The next day I checked out the fancy cars at “hot night in the city”. My favourite was an obvious choice.


In the evening I went for a lovely skydive with my good friend Jason. We did a wingsuit flight over the Thompson river. It felt good to be back in the sky with him. I was there for his first jump – this was his 400th.

The evening concluded with an enormous crab feast: the spoils of my brother’s recent fishing trip. Gnar.

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