beautiful food

I love this time of year.

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5 Responses to beautiful food

  1. nala7299 says:

    very lovely and delicious…but clearly you have not heeded my words to include more of yours in your posts! however, the same can be said of my lack of photos, so there you go. i will read whatever your write and won’t get bored, i swear. you have the story telling capacity. i hope you are enjoying your feast too much to write:)

    • kaan says:

      This post was a bit of a response to our conversation.
      I posted it at 9:55 pm and it got 40 hits by midnight with almost no words in it. Everyone likes photos.

      • nala7299 says:

        ok, ok. fair enough. i was just trying to be encouraging. i heard your point. i will get on it! finding appropriate photos…for each post…and working on all those oh so many drafts.

  2. katfeeney says:

    beautiful…and random…blogging. How about the other half of running you need to complete? :)

    • kaan says:

      It has been a long road to recovery for my knee. I have been running once a week for the past three weeks during ultimate and the knee typically starts hurting mid way through each game (but less with each week).
      I will aim to do a solid and sober run before the week is out. And I will be sure to complain about it on this blog for you.

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