sunset climbing

This evening Lauren and I finally went climbing at Lighthouse Park. We have been scheming this adventure for some time and finally made it happen.

We met at MEC around 5:30 pm and began our journey. We had a gorgeous ride in the afternoon sun through, downtown, over the Lions Gate Bridge, and then along the water in West Vancouver. Traffic along Marine Drive is remarkably respectful of cyclists and patient when they were stuck behind us on one of the many hills along that route. The 25 lbs of climbing gear sitting in my panniers helped me accelerate to fun speeds at every downhill section.

We arrived at Lighthouse Park around 7 pm giving us about 90 minutes of climbing until sunset. It was Laurens first time climbing outdoors. I dare say she rocked it. I was rather pleased to encounter Marcin on the rock too! We continued climbing until the mosquitoes forced us to retreat.

We packed up and clambered out via headlamp and began our exodus. After sharing an orange to fuel up for our return journey we trekked back into West Vancouver at max power. It was one of the most euphoric bike rides I have been on: the chill of the night air, the lights over the water, the pump from the climbing – it all just felt good.

We stopped in Ambleside Park to enjoy the view of the Lions Gate Bridge at night and had a snack before finishing the journey home. I declare victory.

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Laurens wicked photos.

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  1. nala7299 says:

    beauteous!! how does one go about creating a slideshow? dear me. not that i have such gorgeous photos to work with, but one never knows:)

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