am I still running?

yea, sort of…

After the run to end poverty had its climactic conclusion, I sort of retired from the running scene for a bit. My knee was not fully recovered when I began the race and it was way less fully recovered by the time I finished. I spent several weeks on a regiment prescribed by my physiotherapist and then I began running Wednesday nights as part of the ultimate frisbee team I am on: Local Pint. The team has an adjunct activity that helped numb any knee pain that would crop up during the game. My knee has steadily improved and I suspect I will be back knocking off the kilometers again soon.

As I looked back at the running I did on “race day”, I felt at first a bit of ego congratulating myself for finishing with a sore knee. But any pride I might offer myself is quickly overshadowed by the running of one of my teammates in the R2EP crew. Leanna Greenway.

Leanna first jumped on board by sponsoring me $50. (Thank you!) She then decided this was not enough and enrolled herself in the half marathon. By the end of the first round of fundraising, she was one of the top performers. While fundraising, she was also busy fundraising or participating in a slew of sustainable living and social justice events (such as the Projecting Change Film Festival). I am certain I could not list them all but suffice it to say she is actively demonstrating how we all might do a better job living a Greenway.

On the day of the race, Leanna basically had the flu. She ran the half marathon anyway. That is probably the most hardcore thing I can think of. If you dare delve any further into the mind of this sustainability super star, there is a link to her blog on the right, or just click here.

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3 Responses to am I still running?

  1. nala7299 says:

    oh sweet mother of pajama jeans! first of all, thank-you very much! really, this is one of the nicest things i have had said about me in awhile, so it is greatly appreciated. truly. i had a myriad of reactions to this post in but a few short moments: 1. empathy for your knee and said user of the knee, you. 2. a growing grin 3. a “what the hell? damn, now i have to work on my blog tonight, even if no one does click on the link, because someone might”. That reaction sounded sort of like this: blipity bloop, like a stone that rippled water for awhile. 4. laughter 5. gratitude again. a full circle effect, in minutes, seconds. this ties neatly and kindly into an already lovely day of general goodness. and greenway-er-ee:)

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