The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is a branch of the federal government that oversees billions of dollars worth of aid each year. In most cases it is very difficult to determine how that money is spent and who ultimately is receiving it within a recipient country.

For example, in 2009-2010 Canadians provided $123.85 million in aid to Ghana through CIDA. In exchange, CIDA gave Canadians a TWO PAGE  report. The report is interesting and may be useful for someone writing a press release but it contains very little useful information for someone keen on details and it certainly does not demonstrate transparency or accountability.

Today I joined the thousands of Canadians asking our Government to sign on to the International Aid Transparency Agreement. It is time for Canada to lead North America by joining the European countries that have agreed to change the way we look at international aid.

I signed a postcard for Bev Oda (the minister in charge of CIDA) and sent an e-mail to my MP asking them to make Canadian foreign aid more effective while simultaneously reducing waste and corruption. I asked them to sign the IATI.

You can too: http://www.ewb.ca/yourvoice

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