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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I was doing a fundraiser in support of the Water and Sanitation work underway by Engineers Without Borders in Malawi. As part of that, I committed to running a kilometer … Continue reading

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tom foolery

I donned my cape early this morning to compete in the Pacific Populaire. You can tell I am a racer by my fancy “water” bottle.   More photos on facebook.  

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IATI redux

It was never my intention to take a big hiatus from blogging. Given the topic of my last post, perhaps this is a fitting arc to bring it back. Yesterday Bev Oda (the Canadian Minister of International Cooperation), announced that the … Continue reading

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The Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) is a branch of the federal government that oversees billions of dollars worth of aid each year. In most cases it is very difficult to determine how that money is spent and who ultimately is receiving … Continue reading


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am I still running?

yea, sort of… After the run to end poverty had its climactic conclusion, I sort of retired from the running scene for a bit. My knee was not fully recovered when I began the race and it was way less … Continue reading

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My motorbike is not “reliable” in the classical sense. Or any sense actually. I usually travel with a full complement of tools to maintain hope I will get through any journey. Rarely, if ever, does the “expectation to arrive” exceed … Continue reading

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r2ep photos

Some photos from R2EP! More photos of me are here along with a rather anticlimactic video of me crossing the finish line.

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A caper for boland

My good friend Dan Boland is currently working for Engineers Without Borders in Ghana to improve rural infrastructure planning capabilities. (His blog is here.) One of my last adventures with him before he left Canada was an ascent of Yak … Continue reading

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