offensive material

Usually I pay little attention to the trash that litters the grocery store check-out.

This magazine cover was so amazing I took a photo.

As I recall, everyone’s favourite role-model, Gandhi, twice undertook a “21-day fast” to melt “40 lbs” of his “resistant fat” while in a prison. (Literal or figurative prison? I don’t recall.) The British consistently misinterpreted this as an act of political protest. When he said he “can’t lose”, obviously he was referring to prior failed attempts to “get slim”. Gandhi is, after all, mostly known for having a healthy sexy beach bod.


If your 21-day fast leaves you feeling as though you have “no energy”, do not worry! This cover also unlocks energy enhancing secrets like: “Supercharge your caffeine boost with popcorn!”

This dumb shit really pisses me off.

“Woman’s World” would more aptly be named “how to fuck yourself and hate life.”

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