Back in second year engineering I had a substantial afro and beard.

One day at the campus pub, we unplugged a tv and plugged in a straightening iron. This was the result.

My hair is starting to get a bit long again. Any suggestions as to what art might be made on this canvas?

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2 Responses to hair

  1. tess says:

    cornrows in the shape of a crown of thorns.
    crimped. do they still make crimpers?
    or just get it cut in a beautiful place like in a back country hut on a stream.

  2. nala7299 says:

    let it be whatever reflects you with where you are, how ever that expression may come in hair form. be rugged, be a woodsy wild hippy man, be shaved bald guy, get a purple a beaded purple mohawk. whatever it is, be kaan, stay true to that inner kaanery, other words, no matter what the hair you have, you are still you.

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