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This past weekend was spent in the interior of the province. We camped near the canyon edge in Chasm, BC.

This was essentially the view from our tents. (I erased one very central tree from the panorama by merging photos taken from either side of it.) We are on the west side of the canyon looking east.

Looking back from the other side of the canyon, the arrow shows where that last photo was taken from. In the centre of the image you might spot the ever faithful truck, white lightening.

From where we camped, the chasm begins about half a kilometre to our left and extends for several kilometres to our right. This is a shot looking down the valley (still on the west wall but now looking south-east).

The green patch dead centre is actually a small lake. More on that later. Also note the light green patch in the centre of the top right quadrant. We hiked around to the other side of the cliffs and out to about that spot. The same light green patch is visible in the middle of this photo but now we are on the east side looking west.

Hopefully all that bouncing around from one side to the other was not too visually confusing. In any case, the scenery was grand.

Next up, of course, it is incumbent upon us to descend into the canyon. Everything here is beautiful. From the enormous vista to the smallest lichens.

… and down we go!

Descentaineering into the chasm was not trivial, but we persevered.

The red rocks of the canyon wall were even more spectacular upon close inspection.

The brush was pretty thick but the view of the lake in the distance beckoned us onward.

The crew emerges from the brush victorious. Now only boulders and tall grass stand between us and our lake!


A family of ducks beat us there.

The water was far too appealing. We definitely went for a swim.

And then we reversed course and climbed out of the chasm!

One last panorama as we make our way out of the canyon.

We retired to a beautiful moon.

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6 Responses to tm chsm

  1. Snert says:

    Dear Kaan,

    I’ve got a free weekend in June which I’d wanted to used to go camping or canoeing. Any ideas for good 2 or three day trips?

    • kaan says:

      If you want to do both right near Vancouver you could paddle up the burrard inlet. It is about 18 km from deep cove to iron bay at the north end of the indian arm.

      There are good spots to camp, a pit toilet, and a beautiful waterfall. If you want more ideas, give me a call on the phone! I’d love to help you brainstorm!

    • Gibsons Doug says:

      Consider the Powell River canoe route (just google “Powell River canoe route”!). Never done it, but it’s popular and has 8 lakes, I think, and 5 portages. And two lovely ferry rides to boot (not that difficult)

  2. tess says:

    Is it my imagination, or is the first lichen photo a bit suggestive?
    That close up of the rock matches Eric’s firey red hair so well!

  3. trcurran says:

    Awesome to see some BC adventures. I look forward to swimming again when I get back!

  4. Gibsons Doug says:

    I’m likin’ the lichen. Kaan, always knew you were on the brink, but didn’t know WHAT brink. Now I know: a cliff.

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