a/version of yourself

Friday night I went to an art opening. “a/version of yourself” by Sophia Bartholomew is now installed at topdown bottomup.

In short, the project involves Sophia creating a new shirt for each day of the year. The completed shirts are placed in an interactive library where people can not only browse the shirts but can also chose to exchange whatever shirt the viewer is currently wearing for a shirt from the art installation. Quoting the signs: “to loan a shirt, leave your shirt behind.”

I left with this beauty.


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11 Responses to a/version of yourself

  1. tess says:

    It’s true. Alice really is a beauty in that photo.

  2. Vancouver Doug says:

    Shouldn’t the sign say “to BORROW a shirt behind”? Or if they mean it the other way, it should be “to LEND a shirt…”. Sorry, I’ve just got this thing about loan/lend. Hint: the first is a NOUN, dammit, and the second is a VERB. Sighhhh…..

    • kaan says:

      I think that use of “loan” is totally cromulent.

      It seems the art show was successful in eliciting an emotional response.

      • 16th Avenue Doug says:

        What can I say? I’m left completely garumbuless by the sheer (shear, in light of the new look?) raliocity of the artistic message. (Or, I suppose, if you start taking shirts off, the artistic massage?)

  3. Vancouver Doug says:

    Hmmm. Meant “to borrow a shirt leave a shirt behind”, of course. Late in the day.

    • kaan says:

      Doug gets OWNED…
      He may have been wrong, but he was probably not in doubt. : )

    • Smithe Street Doug says:

      Godammit: one more reason to regard Wikiwhatever as just some form of senseless, populist bilge. Ask yourself: what would the Queen say? Would SHE say “Philip…loan me a dime”. No. First, she doesn’t know what a dime is. Thinks it’s ‘Strine for “dame”. But more importantly she knows it’s wrong. And she is NOT amused.

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