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floridian ops.

This is for Alice and Phil. As you will soon be in Florida it seems appropriate for me to ensure you can factor in the near-term launch schedule for Cape Canaveral. On November 12 SpaceX is launching a Falcon 9 … Continue reading

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a/version of yourself

Friday night I went to an art opening. “a/version of yourself” by Sophia Bartholomew is now installed at topdown bottomup. In short, the project involves Sophia creating a new shirt for each day of the year. The completed shirts are placed in … Continue reading


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tm chsm

This past weekend was spent in the interior of the province. We camped near the canyon edge in Chasm, BC. This was essentially the view from our tents. (I erased one very central tree from the panorama by merging photos … Continue reading

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This weekend I went climbing with five friends in the Cheakamus gorge between Squamish and Whistler. It was a super beautiful location with super rad people on a magnificent day. Eric is visiting from Switzerland and this seemed a great opportunity … Continue reading

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Top of mt steele

Posted over sketchy mountain cell service. :)

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pied piper

Today I went on a bike ride to West Van to eat pie with Alice and Tess at the Savary Island Pie Company. We had a slice of the strawberry-rhubarb and a slice of the lemon-buttermilk. Yum. On the way … Continue reading

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beautiful days

I love being outside. Although I think I prefer the bright sunny days, I rather enjoy the rainy ones too. Yesterday I did 13.5 km in the rain with Alice, Mark, and Lindsey (they are also participating in the Run … Continue reading

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Group training

The run to end poverty began in 2007 and since then has raised over $100,000 (across 8 cities) for EWB work in Africa. The first one of 2011 happened in Kelowna one week ago. The event was organised by a … Continue reading

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