urinalysis of the situation is lacking

There seem to be a handful of things that are experienced differently by different genders.

I think one adventure that is under-realized by those without an externally positioned  grasp-and-point urethra is the joy of peeing off of something really tall. It is really quite satisfying. I think pretty much anyone could make this work but, based on my few inquiries, it seems that the squat-to-pee types are less likely to have tried it. This is tragic.

So, to augment your excitement and satisfaction this holiday season, I propose that you set the goal of peeing off something very tall. Let me know how it goes.

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5 Responses to urinalysis of the situation is lacking

  1. Vancouver Doug says:

    And exactly how IS the ol’ grasp and point hanging, anyway?

  2. klidston says:

    My one experience with standing peeing resulted in a surprisingly forwardly aimed stream. I’m confident that with a somewhat steep ledge to stand at the edge of, I could accomplish this without mechanical aid. The real problem for me is finding this place… what all are you peeing off of?

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