rainy daze

Today is the new moon. I have heard that people do crazy things when there is a full moon so, by induction, I conclude decisions made during the new moon must be super sane.

I just got back from skinny dipping at wreck beach.

I am not convinced I have anything concrete to report about the sanity of the endeavour  but the salinity and sandinity were in healthy measure. The amount of cold in the ocean right now is less than I expected but still enough to be startling.

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3 Responses to rainy daze

  1. libelinda says:

    Totally sane in my books. Next time, I request that you take a depth/temperature/salinity meter with you and get me a full profile of the water column at Wreck Beach. Then, do a sieve analysis of the sand and take three composite samples for X-Ray diffraction analysis.

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