Gray Bay

Saturday morning Team Snurfklist set off for Gray Bay on the east coast of Moresby Island.

The ferry terminal in Skidegate about five minutes from home and the boat crossing route stays in the protected passage between Graham and Moresby. We saw an eagle perched on a buoy.


After landing in Aliford Bay we began the trek east toward Sandspit. The mossy rocks and rocky beaches warranted a stop.



We spent a bit of time exploring the town and went to the end of the paved road.


The 15 km from Sandspit to Gray Bay is along a dirt road with gorgeous scenery. I think that might be a common combination en route to interesting places in Haida Gwaii.


We stopped at an ocean side boulder because I wanted to play. I found some small crabs and the bone of a critter. Animalia cordata I bet.




We stopped again several times because the moss was so drippy it craved our attention.


We arrived at Gray Bay mid afternoon and promptly got on with setting up camp as sunset is around 6 pm these days.


Moss under the tents made the thermarest almost redundant.


Our campsite was perched right on Gray Bay.


I went out exploring the two rocky peninsula.


I took enough photos out there to make a 360 degree panorama. After stitching it together I noticed Tess is in it twice (on the beach, near the centre).


We built a fire. Sarah serenaded softly.




The next day we explored the Kunxalas conservancy. I started brushing up on my tree identification. Under Tess’s tutelage I managed to get a handle on the hemlock, spruce and alder. I already knew how to spot the cedar. There was also a mystery tree. More on that later.






Tess climbed up the bank to investigate a pile of fur. Then she discovered she was nearly standing atop a skeleton. This one I am sure is Animalia Cordata.


The day ended with a return to home in Queen Charlotte. On the boat ride back I got some great hints from a man on the ferry named Ryan on where to fish for steelhead salmon in a nearby river. Stoked on that.

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