anthropological reflections

Walking out on the shores of Rennell Sound earlier this week we passed an array of cultural artifacts. Each was a curious snapshot of human activity, but with varying longevity and visual appeal.


A culturally modified tree. This one has had the bark stripped on one face.


An old spray can with Russian writing. What tale could this trash tell?


A piece of light blue beach glass. Not many bottles are this colour anymore. Could it be part of an old Japanese fishing net float?

As I walked passed each of these things I found myself pondering the sometimes blurry lines between anthropology and rubbish.

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4 Responses to anthropological reflections

  1. Ball, S. says:

    I’d hazard to say that the only difference is time.

  2. Gunn says:

    Komaroff is a russian insecticide (mosquito) spray….the tales the tides tell…

  3. Ferry Doug says:

    I agree with S.Ball: anthropology = garbage + time. Then we call them “middens”.

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