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bearly awake

While out near Juskatla in the same patch of woods where the aerial bear den is, I found rather definitive evidence that the bears have now awoken. While out walking I also found plenty of bear turds. This time of year they look … Continue reading

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TESS won the funding competition!

It was just announced this week that TESS will receive substantial funding over the next six years to improve our ability to search for earth-like planets outside our solar system! rad. More details here.

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living large

I have been aware since I arrived that the forests here are unlike any I have been in before. Many of the trees here are several hundred years old and have a radius exceeding the length of our Ministry of … Continue reading

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space cadet

This incredible vessel was discovered in the living room of Severn Cullis-Suzuki. Probably used for Ethnobotany studies on far off worlds. Sooper gnarly.

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Name that species

Photo taken at the Port Clements Museum. The bird may be viewed for a mere $3.

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Pizza night

For Theo. From Tess.

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