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out of the silent deep

I have not posted in a while. Much has been going on. Some perhaps worth writing about. Some perhaps not. This latest turn is too big not to remind people of the omnipresent danger of godless killing machines in the sea. … Continue reading

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goblin sharks

During a recent trip on BC Ferries I had the pleasure of receiving tutelage from Coastal Naturalist Stefan. He was presenting on the topic of “sharks” and asked what words come to mind. I suggested “godless killing machines”. He agreed … Continue reading

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bearly awake

While out near Juskatla in the same patch of woods where the aerial bear den is, I found rather definitive evidence that the bears have now awoken. While out walking I also found plenty of bear turds. This time of year they look … Continue reading

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godless killing machines in the sky

Look at this gnarled part of old cedar   Now look from the other side.   That hole is a bear den. There are claw marks. My response was “holy shit snacks.”

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A new chapter begins

Apparently the journey to Haida Gwaii begins with Sarah taking on double trouble. Here she is recklessly communing with a godless killing machine that has disguised itself as a representative of the local law enforcement.

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