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max q

After my video post yesterday I got a few questions from a friend: So, why do things entering Earth’s atmosphere tend to burn up (eg, meteors/asteroids) while spaceships [taking off] do not? Is it because the foreign bodies are entering an … Continue reading

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get blasted

Back when I was still high on the excitement from my trip to Florida to watch the final launch of Atlantis I wrote a bit about the pre-launch sequence. The coolest part of the ground sequence, I think, is the … Continue reading

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space cadet

This incredible vessel was discovered in the living room of Severn Cullis-Suzuki. Probably used for Ethnobotany studies on far off worlds. Sooper gnarly.

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Aryan history

Eleven months ago I started a fundraising campaign for a charity race I participated in eight months ago. I boasted I would run a kilometer for every dollar donated. It seems I am still running off the commitments I made … Continue reading

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we be jammin’

I have been a bit unwell the last few days. This has given me plenty of time for reading and other indoor activities that don’t take me too far from bed. Yesterday I made one jar of jam. It was … Continue reading

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Running some numbers

I had a comment to yesterdays post highlighting the official NASA line they “intend to rent Russian seats to get to space until a private shuttle is ready.” Rather than crafting a reaction inline I thought I might make a … Continue reading

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Launch Day

Mum and I spent all day on Thursday July 7th traveling to Florida in anticipation of the launch of Space Shuttle Atlantis at 11:26 am on Friday the 8th. This was the 135th and final launch of the space shuttle … Continue reading

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try SCE to ‘Aux’

Friday I will be in Florida. I have long been a keen learner of all things related to human spaceflight. No technological accomplishments in my lifetime have been more spectacular to me than the 134 NASA Space Shuttle launches and … Continue reading

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