a product endorsement

I spent yesterday evening doing an array of minor bicycle repairs. It is a task I find both interesting and satisfying.

I also replaced my cycling shoes with another pair that are the same model as I have been using heavily for the past couple of years. After much abuse, the rubber soles have worn down and the SPD mounts are cracked from me having so much leg muscle. I have been soooper happy with them. They are the Austin Pedal by Keen. I am fully converted to clip-in pedals and shoes – especially when the shoes are as casual looking as these. Also, I didn’t realise how much they had changed colour while I wore them. Leather ages delightfully.


For anyone considering ways to unlock the power of their cycling demons, I recommend considering a shoe that connects you to the pedals. You get a shitton more torque coming off the line and going up hills. Top speed stays pretty much the same though – my legs can only whip around in a circle so fast, whether I am attached or not. They have also saved me a couple of times when I have hit a nasty bump but managed to keep it together because my feet were still where they needed to be.



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