The summary judgement is in.

My phone generates automatic alerts based on things in my calendar and my location. For instance if I have marked the calendar with “bbq chez Kyle” it will look his address up and sound an alarm when I need to leave in order to make it on time via public transit (my predefined preferred mode of transport for these estimates).

If I have a calendar entry with flight details for a visitor it will auto alert if the arrival is delayed.

If I travel to a new town it will present a weather forecast and suggest things I might like to visit, usually spots with a nice view.

Every once in awhile a new “intelligent” algorithm seems to released. I am generally surprised and impressed by the information it anticipates may be useful to me.


This morning I awoke to find an alert indicating the timing and directions for an unsolicited visit to “Kamloops psychological services”.


I would not have previously described my phone as cheeky.

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