I put the question out there and you have answered!

First, the demographics. I had responses from 15 different genders, the most unexpected of which was “taupe”.

I had responses from 16 difference ages, 13 of which involved numbers.

People left a variety of comments. They broke down like this:


Why did no one comment “2”? Weird.

Not surprisingly there was a unanimous response to the goblin shark question. That was the easiest question ever.

fear level

There was also a selection of other feedback. Apparently respondents suspected deception. Hmm. Also, it seems questions about colours are popular with almost 50% of people who answer questions about taupe.

other thoughts

I got an interesting collection of answers describing “taupe”. I decided to remove fluff words such as “the”, “like”, “ish”, “not”, “dark”, “light” and just strip things down to bare bones. Then I created a word cloud out of them where word frequency is represented by the size of the word. This is the result:


Wikipedia says “a dark grayish brown or brownish gray” so I guess the masses (26 responses) were collectively rather close to the answer developed by the even larger collective that created wikipedia. Nice work collective!

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3 Responses to taupe!

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  2. Heidi says:

    Something you might find interesting, Grace feel things in colour, like when she’s being pushed on the swing and she’s going really high, it makes her fell white and something, I don’t remember what, makes her feel yellow. I’m not sure what that means, but I find it very interesting. Not sure if she’ll ever use the word taupe though, maybe when she’s bored?

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