lost in translation

After receiving a horridly composed spamish e-mail today, it was decided that there was some fun to be had with google translate. Results follow.

I input the following narrative:

Kaitlynn and Len came over for breakfast today. Len brought mangos and almonds. Kaitlynn brought a watermelon. We also ate scones and poached eggs. Now Kaitlynn and Tess are drinking beer while writing important e-mails. Kaitlynn bumped a bottle but then caught it in the air before catastrophe struck. Obviously she is a superhero.

Then I shifted it through the following languages: English, Arabic, Finnish, Hindi, Greek, Afrikaans, and back to English.

This is the result:

President increasingly Lin breakfast today. Lyon brought mango and almonds. The president has a watermelon. We ate cake and boiled eggs. Now, when writing important emails, English, Tess and drinking beer. The President was surprised by the bottle, but after his arrest before the earthquake was in the air. Of course it miraculous.

This is not far off a lot of the spam I get and in line with the thoughts I have about Kaitlynn as President: of course it miraculous.

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5 Responses to lost in translation

  1. Gibsons Doug says:

    Obviously Kaitlynn =.president. I’m amazed they got the mangoes, almonds, and watermelon right.

  2. sarapour says:

    I think Kaitlynn should figure out in which language she is a president :)!

  3. Alice! says:

    Holy cow this is hilarious.

  4. Troy says:

    Watch out. All these coded messages about the president might land you in hot watermelon…

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