The weekend was spent embroiled in a bicycle adventure on Saltspring Island with Team Ruckleberry Finn.

Saturday morning I set off with Mike, Lizzy, Tess, a treasure map, and four tickets to paradise.

We biked down to Tsawwassen and then hitched a ride on a boat over to Saltspring Island. We arrived just in time to note the end of the island’s Pride parade. Even the police car had a balloon tied to his windshield wiper as he rolled down the road. We picked up some supplies at the market and began our trek south to Ruckle Park.

Somehow it is always beautiful at Ruckle.

While setting up our living quarters we saw three orca, five dolphins, a sea lion, and a harbour seal. That was pretty good.

This photo is for Alice and Phil.

This photo is for Alice and Phil.

In the morning we awoke to a chorus of fog horns. The sunrise was beautiful in an unconventional way. For reference, the bicycles have not moved since that prior photo.

The sun quickly burnt off the fog and we found more beautiful.

Mike found some good climbing spots.

Mike also found some good hairstyles.

And all members of Team Ruckleberry Finn ate a half pack of bacon each on Sunday. No big deal.

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