bouquet of flour

This summer I signed on to participate in a community supported fishery (CSF) and two community supported agriculture (CSA) endeavours. The CSF provided amazing fresh salmon for the past several months, supports local small scale fishermen, offered filleting classes, and helped keep my belly full of fresh healthy food. A weekly CSA food box from Nathan Creek Organic Farms in Langley has provided a beautiful assortment of veggies including a seemingly endless supply of super tasty garlic.

The second CSA is a grainery: Urban Grains Cedar Isle Farm in Agassiz. They offer 20 kg of organic locally grown flour for $95 (including taxes and delivery). The crop has now been harvested and is on its way to the mill. I am super excited to get our flour. I will make bread and scones, to start.


This year’s wheat crop set against the Fraser Valley’s iconic Mt Cheam

I just heard from one of the organizers that they have a couple of shares still available if you want one. For the record, you probably do. More deets on their webpage. Contact required by Sunday to get your order in.

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