floridian ops.

This is for Alice and Phil.

As you will soon be in Florida it seems appropriate for me to ensure you can factor in the near-term launch schedule for Cape Canaveral.

On November 12 SpaceX is launching a Falcon 9 rocket carrying a communications satellite to geostationary orbit over south Asia.

On November 18 United Launch Alliance is launching an Atlas V rocket carrying the Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution orbiter to study why water left the martian atmosphere.

The rockets will launch from pads 40 and 41 respectively. Both are inside the Air Force Base on the south end of the cape, not at Kennedy Space Center itself. This website will help you find good viewing locations.

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1 Response to floridian ops.

  1. Alice! says:

    I was gonna ask you what we should do at Cape Canaveral!!!!! Did you know their area code is 321?


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