knoxed up

Having given up on white tips of my hair, I moved on to the most critical part of the adventure. Time to get my hair big enough to warrant a trip to the driver licensing office.

The tool of choice for this sort of endeavour is gelatin.

Apply liberally, curl, and spike.












After about 30 minutes of creative sculpting, my hair reached a new pinnacle of awesome. I put on a nice shirt and a killer bow tie. The wonderful lady at the driver licensing office really liked it. She even let me smile in the photo.


In order to reduce the effort removing the gel, I decided to cut the chunks out. It was wonderful to have one shitton of success after the recent gauntlet run through folicular hell.


I now have short hair for the first time in a long time.

Lets call this one “trial and success”.

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1 Response to knoxed up

  1. South Cambie Doug says:

    I don’t know….somewhere, in the next 5 years, some border guard or airline employee will ask for photo id….and then push the “ALIEN” button. Because that’s what it looks like. Or, to put it in terms you’ll understand, “Nano-nano” (as Mork would say).

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