another way to do trial and error

Undeterred from the prior day’s failed attempt to dye the tips of my hair white, further advice has been considered, and a new approach to trial and error is documented herein.

It’s hydrogen peroxide time.

Do not confuse this with rigorous science. The scientific method for controlled experimentation relies on changing one input at a time and observing the changes in output. The new approach changed pretty much every input except I still used my awesome green towel at the end. It was rigorous in that all steps were carefully executed and recorded. They are included here in case you wish to duplicate them.

Step 1: cut some strips of bamboo fabric that you won in a scavenger hunt.


Step 2: don’t forget to put on a warm coat under your smock because you got rather cold during the stay-still part of the hair dyeing attempt yesterday.


Step 3: the team ties your hair into pockets of gnar that are convenient dipping size.

IMG_20131115_120539Step 4: be stoked on the myriad tufts on your skull.


Step 5: go upside down with your shoulders on each of two chairs.

Hint: invite a team member to help you.


Step 6: chillax.


Step 7: place hair and hydrogen peroxide into bowls.


Step 8: begin waiting for chemistry to happen.


Step 9: boil a towel in a large bowl.


Step 10: wear bags on your feet in case it is raining.


Step 11: listen to live music.


Step 12: enjoy the moment, because these special times don’t come too often.


Step 13: try not to have an exploded brain from being upside down for 23 minutes.


Step 14: wear the same towel as yesterday that stills smells a bit like bleach because you haven’t washed it yet.


My hair is still all brown. My resolve is now shaken. Eff this.

I have tremendous respect for anyone with frosted hair tips. This shit sucks. How does a hairdresser even stay in business?

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