While in Kamloops last week I had the joy of participating in a bourbon tasting substantially empowered by brother.

six bevvies

I made some notes of things people said about each. We sampled them from shortest to tallest bottle. You can use the comments to see which bourbon is most likely to be your favourite.

Elijah Craig 12 year old
– it has a grape nose
– it has a light brown taste
– it makes me want to get my banjo out

From this point on we had live banjo music for the tasting.

Maker’s Mark
– it makes me smile
– it happens on my mouth with rad

Buffalo Trace
– I’m wearing buffalo jeans
– it has a dry aftercorn
– it is thicker in my mouth

Jim Beam 8 year old
– it has hickory oaks of tenderness oversold
– my urine is now clean
– it is better cuz drunk

Old Grand-Dad
– crying-more-than-the-lanyard-incident activated
– monster mash
– mouth spankin’
– didn’t finish in Ni4ky’s mouth

Evan Williams
– oh no no, oh hell yea
– gotta lotta peat
– it’s like skate blades. That is a compliment.

Eagle Rare 10 year old
– amber goodness
– it is like walking up to a velvet wall
– rap a moss
– it is like finding martin guitar strings

From this point on we had live music from a guitar strung with martin strings.

It was a fun evening.

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