captain stinky pants and associates

Monday night I enjoyed a Dine Out Vancouver soirée at Libra Room. That part was great.

While there, Miki introduced a topic that made me smile. She informed us she is on a 12 step program to becoming a cyclist. She self identified as being at level 3. While it is not clear exactly what the step or level criteria are, I do know she recently went on a bicycle powered pub crawl that started at UBC and eventually landed her back here at home. That is some good stuff for a level called 3 of 12.

On the ride home from Libra Room, I’m pretty sure she leveled up.

She was leading the way, like a good cyclist, on the far right of the road. Tess was riding just behind her. I was riding on the far left side of the road being an ass. We were nearly home. Suddenly Miki belts out something like “ohwphack!” At this moment she has a skunk under her front tire. I shouted “go! go! go!” Tess said “ooohh!” Unfortunately, her face was aimed at the skunk when she said that. Tess got a full spray down, Miki’s back tire took a bit of a hit too. My jackassing on the far side of the road paid off and I got away clean.

But I still have to live with the smell.

The skunk ran away. In general I hope it is fine. They lived here before we laid down a city and they are adapting. If it was rendered sterile by the encounter, that’s okay though. Hopefully that would promote an adaptation whereby skunks check for cyclists before darting onto the road.

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3 Responses to captain stinky pants and associates

  1. Hahaha! Awesome! Burn Tess! Take that! BURRRRRNNN!!

  2. tess says:

    Just one clarification: I didn’t say, “ooooooh”. My eyes went wide and my mouth went, “AAAHHHH!”. Try it. Now. While you’re reading this. Now, during the AAAAHHHH, imagine a skunk spraying you in the face.

    BURRRRRRRNNNNNN!! is absolutely right, Levi. My mouth tasted like burnt rubber for two days.

  3. Lauren says:

    I read this again and have been sharing the story with other cycling friends. It cracks me up every time and I have to try not to laugh too loud in my cubicle at work :)

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