It seems that, lately, anytime I go on a bike ride longer than about 15 minutes I go through pretty much the same emotional highs that then get deconstructed through rationalization. It basically goes like this.

That person I just caught a glance of is a cyclist. With quite thin legs. In tights. On an upright bike.

CONCLUSION: Shannon is in Vancouver and forgot to tell anyone!!!

At this point the logic is clearly stamped “infallible”. Nevertheless I take a moment to keenly observe the cyclist and cross check.

That is not her helmet. She could have borrowed one.
That is not one of Shannon’s coates. She could have acquired a new one.
That is not her highviz tunic. Probabilities are sharply dropping.
Shannon is one of the most reliable logistics communicators I know. Also that person looks nothing like her.

Whatever. Easy mistake. Could happen to anyone.

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