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in the key of H

An old harp was discovered in the closet. Apparently my uncle Llewelyn used to play it. I was most impressed by the H chord. I tried to tune it using a key from an old clock and an iPad. Major … Continue reading

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piper at the gates of dawn

I found this man playing sailor’s horn pipe in the moonlight on the top deck of a ferry across the salish sea.

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I’d buy your love

The Barenaked Ladies song “If I Had a Million Dollars” is one many people know at least some of the words to. It is fun to sing along with but the line at the end of each refrain left a … Continue reading

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copy write

The ongoing evolution of music has led to countless copyright cases in memorable history. “Borrowing” from other musicians seems a bit inevitable to me. I was listening to some MC Yogi recently and noticed that a Hindu temple prayer featured … Continue reading


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pied piper

Today I went on a bike ride to West Van to eat pie with Alice and Tess at the Savary Island Pie Company. We had a slice of the strawberry-rhubarb and a slice of the lemon-buttermilk. Yum. On the way … Continue reading

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