The North Sea

Today we visited the west coast of the Netherlands and noted the north sea.

We are staying with mum’s cousin Jillie, her son Max, and her husband Guy. Today the five of us went to the beach.


Theo and I went for a walk in the ocean. It was colder than a bastard.

The beach had an oil soaked albatross. Yeah for the north sea.


At first when I was taking the photo it was for Miki but then when I saw the oil I realised it was for no one.

We ate crokettes at a beach cafe and the went to inspect the Dutch flower industry. We are a month or so early but it was still beautiful.

As we drove off to find a good forest in which to have a fight to the death using blow darts, we went by the Netherlands’ mountain. I am pretty sure it goes above sea level. BIG DEAL.

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