When I was 10 I lived in the town of Llangollan for several months. I did a fair chunk of “grade 6” here.

Exploring the town these years later, the old house was elusive but the church yard I hung out in was easy to spot.


It seemed smaller than I recall and I appreciate different things about it now. The old yew trees were stunning.


After a trip to the pub to appreciate the parts of town I missed when I lived here, we shuffled down the road a short distance to the home of Aunty Pauline. My cousin Sara is a hairdresser and had agreed to smarten us up a bit.

Theo enjoyed a cup of tea with his cut.


Jenna had her bangs trimmed out of her eyes. Mothers, by definition, develop superhuman sight, I’m pretty sure. Now hers is also unimpeded by hair. Watch out Elizabeth…

Cousin Lorna and aunty Pauline made an incredible dinner while this production was underway. Uncle Llewelyn made mischief with Elizabeth.


Sara first outfitted me with an aluminum hat.


After about 30 minutes of folicular sizzling, it was time for a wash in the kitchen sink. It took a team, but we got’er done.



That is when the master really got to work – chipping away the rough edges in search of something worth salvaging.


I am overjoyed with the result.


Thank you Sara!

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