got wood?

I’ve long wanted to see the redwoods of California. My only real frames of reference have been the sitka spruce of Vancouver island and, on Haida Gwaii, the sitka spruce and western red cedar.

The coastal redwood has the mantle of “tallest organisms alive on earth today”. The roadside placards take a slightly narrower and, at times, nationalist tone, but that is my interpretation.



A 170 cm human figure is provided for reference.



Here the figure is placed within a cavity of the tree, in a scene that is surely unsuitable for young trees to view.



The view from within the cavity reveals a local tourist with amazing frosted hair tips done by his cousin.


The lush surroundings are quite reminiscent of Haida Gwaii, though slightly less humid. Also awesome: Sarah is to be the San Francisco tour guide tomorrow.



Here the figure is barely visible and hardly useful as a size reference.



The abundance of life is evident to all the senses. Even the smell is invigorating.


A close inspection yields more and more.

wpid-20140519_163224.jpg wpid-20140519_162229.jpg

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