gone, Oregon

Alice and Phil have loaned their wonderful van and it has become the cornerstone of an adventure down the west coast.



This is last night’s ocean-side resting place.





Driving along the beautiful Oregon coast today. In places there are some beautiful yellow flowers that make me think of Gail, for some reason.


I think it may be called “scotch broom” — a plant I think I have heard her mention a few times. I don’t recall the all details but, although she has brought it up from time to time, I don’t think she has any at her home. Or, if she does, there isn’t much of it. I will have to watch for it on the drive north back to BC. If it has gone to seed I will be sure to pick some and spread it around her yard as a nice surprise.

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1 Response to gone, Oregon

  1. gailhunt says:

    Always thinking of my best interests, aren’t you Kaan?

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