living on the edge

I recall playing a wonderful yard game as a small child: lawn darts. They got banned for sale in the US and Canada when I was still wee, so unless you bought them before the ban, they are not easy to get. Ebay will pull an auction for them. Second hand shops destroy and dumpster them. The only shot is a flea market, yard sale, or connection with someone who has an old set in the garage.

I have been searching for some time.

I recently got a hot tip from Colleen and managed to buy enough “replacement parts” from a UK company, shipped in separate parcels, and then assembled illicitly on Canadian soil to produce this:




Who’s up for a match?



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3 Responses to living on the edge

  1. rafferty says:

    yes. Very well done. I’d been thinking of manufacturing a set, but they probably wouldn’t fly straight.

  2. Gibson Doug says:

    But did you get the CENTRIFUGES, TOO? And watch out for the Stuxdart worm. NSA has it out there.

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