a new home

Sara and I moved out of the Super 8 for a while. We packed some bags and made for the islands.

Early Friday we were on a shuttle with Sam, Rosie, Jeff, Kristina, and Pete. The sea captain, Scott, took us, our gear, and a collection of kayaks from Tahsis to Rosa island on the west side of Nootka island.




We found a good looking bit of beach front to occupy and moved right in.


We settled in nicely. The new kitchen is looking good.


The bedrooms are nicely situated.


And the living room has lots of space for activities.


The backyard is particularly stunning.


The garden strawberries are coming along nicely.


Lots of exploring to be done.


And sea creatures to find.


But I particularly like the purple flowers.


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3 Responses to a new home

  1. tess says:

    Whoa! The 2nd-last photo is gorgeous!!

  2. hmmm do you think there is room in your house for a couple of islanders? :)

  3. maxitown says:

    You inspire me finally to start a blog. I found you by googling that Tom Robbins quote about sex without love from Still Life With Woodpecker. I just got sent the film script of it as they are making a movie. Anyhoo – your words reached late night London so wanted to say hello and let you know about that small ripple across the internet. Hope you and Sara had a ball in the wilderness.

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