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hip replacement

Big Rock is now making a spruce tip ale. It’s pretty good, but not as good as the stuff Jesse makes.     Kevin and Eric, take note.

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Spruce Tip Ale

Last night I arrived chez Kevin to discover the beer that he and Tess started some weeks ago had been kegged and tapped. Inspired by many batches of tasty U-Brew while living in Queen Charlotte City, there was plenty of … Continue reading

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Just the tip

Another batch of beer has been bottled. It is a redwood ale with extra magic. And spruce tips. The spruce is picked in April when the fresh spring growth appears in the tips of the branches. It smells beautiful and … Continue reading

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Storm troopers

Yesterday Sarah and I visited the Pesuta shipwreck. It is an old log barge that ran aground in 1928 at the south end of what is now Naikoon Provincial Park. The walk there and back is about 12 km. The … Continue reading

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