Storm troopers

Yesterday Sarah and I visited the Pesuta shipwreck. It is an old log barge that ran aground in 1928 at the south end of what is now Naikoon Provincial Park.

The walk there and back is about 12 km. The walk begins in a dense forest with a good compliment of old growth spruce. We found one old spruce that had recently come down while keeping its root mass largely intact. The spread of its roots was so broad that many other flora were growing on top of them. The most substantial of these was an alder over 30 cm  in diameter. It was completely uprooted and fell over in parallel when the spruce came down. In this photo you can see the two stacked behind Sarah.


Here is the root mass next to a 183 cm human figure for size comparison.


This old spruce is still weathering storms and fighting the good fight. I gave it a hug for encouragement.


I found another old spruce with a hollow at the bottom. I climbed inside with the critters and searched for a spiritual experience. Then I left to see a broken boat.


We arrived at the shipwreck as a storm began to pick up. The beach walk is rather exposed and we certainly learned some lessons about how quickly the wind can get sharp. The wreck itself provided some nice shelter for a snack and rest.




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5 Responses to Storm troopers

  1. nala7299 says:

    wow…just wow! not totally wordless, but close. incredible. love these updates.keep them coming when you can!

  2. Gail says:

    That would be flora growing out of the root mass!
    The shipwreck has shrunk a lot since we visited it in 2005-ish(?)
    And your hugs are always encouraging. Thanks for the updates.

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